Trentina - Grappa Invecchiata Morbida Barrique

Grappa created to fully express the softness of a spirit, produced through careful distillation in a Bagnomaria steam pot still with marc from Muscat, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer grapes. The typical grapes of the region, the temperature range of the area and the fragrances that are derived from it give rise to uniquely distinct sensory qualities. Trentina Morbida Barrique is then aged for several months in barrels previously used for ageing Diciotto Lune Stravecchia Grappa, becoming even more "gentle" and velvety. It is the Marzadro family's tribute to the land it lives on.

Bouquet: aromatic, delicate
Structure: soft, captivating

Alcohol (% Vol.): 41
Ageing: a few months in barrels used for ageing Diciotto Lune
Capacity (cl.): 150 • 70 • 50 • 20 • 5