The Distillery

The Marzadro Distillery is a vast and spacious complex built in stone, wood and glass which expresses itself in an harmonious architecture immersed in a luxuriant vineyard surround. The Marzadro family entrusted the architects Walter Maurmayr and Günther Plaickner from Bolzano with the realization of the complex. The architects, basing their work on the concept of “contemporary artisanship”, gave life to a structure that integrates perfectly with the surrounding territory. The architects, basing their work on the concept of “contemporary artisanship”, gave life to a structure that integrates perfectly with the surrounding territory. For example, the roof is covered by a green carpet made up of 60.000 pre-cultivated plants, belonging to the lichen species. This solution was adopted not only for aesthetic purposes but also to guarantee a better insulation, and therefore save a large amount of energy.
The high ecologic value of the new complex is also noticeable in the spatial orientation of the offices which are positioned in such a way as to take advantage of as much natural sunlight as possible. Besides facilitating the penetration of sun rays, an extended use of large windows in the construction of the building contributes in creating a sort of continuity between the external and internal environments. This concept is also expressed in the design of the striking glass and metal dome in which the alembic room is located. Here is where all the operative processes of the distillery take place, which in the past were carried out in various structures dispersed around Rovereto and other nearby towns. The new structure comprises three buildings dedicated respectively to production and storage, pomace deposit and administrative offices.


100 days of uninterrupted work, 24 hours per day, from September to December, during which tons of freshly selected pomace is distilled each day. This pomace comes from the best autochthonous classical vineyards of Trentino, planted in soils where climatic conditions are optimal for their cultivation. The raw material is initially carefully selected and controlled by Andrea Marzadro. The pomace is brought to the Distillery wort-dripping to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the vineyard of origin. In this manner, the fragrances and aromas are maintained, and then enhanced with efficient conservation systems, to keep the intensity intact.
The distillation takes place in alembics using the traditional “discontinuous bain-marie” system belonging to the Trentino culture. The alembics are hand-made out of copper and, thanks to the properties of this metal, an excellent heat conductor, the characteristically peculiar fragrances and aromas are enhanced to their maximum. Each phase of the Grappa production is monitored through a computerised control system which does not allow the pomace to undergo sudden changes in heat, thus maintaining a constant temperature, which is what makes Marzadro Grappas so smooth and fragrant. Sophisticated technology and artisan care thus fuse harmonically to guarantee an absolutely superior quality.

Quality guarantee

The Marzadro Grappas are distinguished for their difference in taste and aroma, all while representing finesse and personality, as common denominators of high quality products, obtained by the pomace of local classical vineyards. The Grappa is carefully analysed by the Istituto Tutela Grappa del Trentino, a competent official body guaranteeing the quality of the product, that has been created in 1968 in the Province of Trento with the goal to protect and promote real Trentino Grappa. The Institute is responsible for controlling the origin of the pomace and the production phases that guarantee the quality of the Grappa.
The entire activity is carried out in collaboration with the Istituto Agrario San Michele all’Adige (Agricultural Institute of San Michele all’Adige) and the Chamber of Commerce of Trento that take care of respectively carrying out the laboratory and organoleptic exams, in order to certify the clearness, harmony of fragrances, smoothness and typical taste of the Grappa. Rigorous vigilance and control, therefore, that have conferred on Marzadro Grappas the title of certified high quality distillates, complying with all prescribed processes and respecting all required parameters.